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The Best 7x7 Speed Cubes Review Guide

MoYu AoFu GT speed cube Published: September 2016.

7x7 is the biggest cube that participate in official competitions of the world cube association. It is also the only cube which is allowed a pillowed version (rounded shape, not only cubic shape) in competitions, due to its size. For the 7x7, there is a clear winner, a prominent best cube, which I'll review below, along with a more affordable cube.

This guide is the result of a vast research I've made, checking all popular cubes, speedcubers opinions, and world-record holders cube choices. This is relevant for both world class speedcubers and new cubers who would like to get a great cube to practice with.


Unlike the popular 3x3 cubes, and definitely the 2x2's, bigger cubes such as the 7x7 and above, are far from being perfect. The bigger the cube is, the harder it is to maintain some of its qualities such as corner-cutting, lock-ups and speed, slowing down solving pace. This situation makes these factors, especially lock-up resistance and speed the most important factors in rating a cube overall score. With that being said, dramatic improvements occurred in the big cubes recently, making them greater than ever before.

The Best 7x7 Speed Cubes Today

In the 7x7 category there is a clear prominent sole best cube, which is the MoYu AoFu GT:

MoYu AoFu GT

MoYu AoFu GT Where to get: eBay | Amazon
This cube was used for both the current world record for single fastest solve (2:20.66) and average WR (2:25.06) by Feliks Zemdegs. This cube has a nice smooth yet crispy feel. It will corner cut pretty well in about 1 piece long in all layers, with impressive reserve corner cutting as well. This cube lock and pop-up resistance are better than any other 7x7 speed cube on the market. It's Available also in a pillowed version (rounded instead of cubic), which is allowed only in 7x7 competitions, named the MoYu AoFu (not GT).

Overall score: 9.1
Speed: 9.5 ; Corner cutting: 9 ; Reverse cutting: 8.5 ; Pops resistance: 9 ; Lock-up resistance: 9 ; Corner twist resistance: 9 ; Weight: 246 gr ; size: 70mm

ShengShou 7x7

ShengShou 7x7 Where to get: eBay | Amazon
A great 7x7 cube by ShengShou. This cube is very smooth and fast, and will corner cut almost as good as the MoYu AoFu. This cube is bigger in size (77mm compared to the 70mm of the AoFu) which might be good for people with big hands, but usually less for speedsolving. The Shengshou 7x7 is a very "flexible" cube and feel quite loose in hand. Also comes in a mini version which is 69mm. Its main advantage is the price – it's much cheaper than the AoFu.

Overall score: 8.9
Speed: 9.5 ; Corner cutting: 8.5 ; Reverse cutting: 8.5 ; Pops resistance: 8.5 ; Lock-up resistance: 8.5 ; Corner twist resistance: 9 ; Weight: 320 gr ; size:77mm

So, which one should I get?

Used by almost all top 7x7 cubers today, the best 7x7 cube is the MoYu AoFu GT. So if you are looking into performance or competitions- that is the cube for you. Since 7x7 isn't a cheap thing, if you are looking for a great cube, but in an affordable price – the ShengShou 7x7 is the one for you.

Watch the current 2:20.66s WR by Feliks Zemdegs - with MoYu AoFu GT

What 7x7 cubes does the top-ranked cubers in the world use?

Single fastest 7x7 solve
Rank Name Result At the event Cube used
1 Feliks Zemdegs 2:20.66 Euro 2016 MoYu AoFu GT
2 Lin Chen 2:24.74 Suzhou Open 2016 n/a
3 Kevin Hays 2:25.73 Oregon 2016 MoYu AoFu GT
4 Vladislav Shavelskiy 2:25.96 MCO 2016 MoYu AoFu GT
5 Michał Halczuk 2:31.21 Polish Championship 2015 n/a

Fastest average 7x7 solve (3 out of 3)
Rank Name Result At the event Cube used
1 Feliks Zemdegs 2:25.06 Euro 2016 MoYu AoFu GT
2 Kevin Hays 2:32.04 US Nationals 2016 MoYu AoFu GT
3 Lin Chen 2:32.25 Suzhou Open 2016 n/a
4 Vladislav Shavelskiy 2:32.76 MCO 2016 MoYu AoFu GT
5 Lucas Wesche 2:42.19 Euro 2016 n/a

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