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The Best 6x6 Speed Cubes Review Guide

MoYu AoShi speed cube Published: September 2016.

The 6x6 speed cubes market is relatively smaller than others, so there are not too many brands. In the 6x6 cubes there is a clearly best cube, which I'll review below, along with a more affordable cube.

This guide is the result of a vast research I've made, checking all popular cubes, speedcubers opinions, and world-record holders cube choices. This is relevant for both world class speedcubers and new cubers who would like to get a great cube to practice with.


Unlike the popular 3x3 cubes, and definitely the 2x2's, bigger cubes such as the 6x6 and above, are far from being perfect. The bigger the cube is, the harder it is to maintain some of its qualities such as corner-cutting, lock-ups and speed, slowing down solving pace. This situation makes these factors, especially lock-up resistance and speed the most important factors in rating a cube overall score. With that being said, dramatic improvements occurred in the big cubes recently, making them greater than ever before.

The Best 6x6 Speed Cubes Today

In the 6x6 category there is a clear prominent sole best cube, which is the MoYu AoShi:

MoYu AoShi

MoYu AoShi Where to get: eBay | Amazon
This cube is the leading 6x6 cube, used by the most of the top 6x6 cubers today, including the current single fastest world record (1:33.55) by Kevin Hays and the average WR (1:43.21) by Feliks Zemdegs. It’s smooth and fast, cut corners pretty well in all layers while avoiding pop-ups way better than other cubes. The MoYu AoShi will not lock-up too easily, although it might happens from time to time due to its big size.

Overall score: 9.1
Speed: 9 ; Corner cutting: 9 ; Reverse cutting: 8.5 ; Pops resistance: 9.5 ; Lock-up resistance: 9 ; Corner twist resistance: 9 ; Weight: 217 gr

ShengShou 6x6

Shengshou 6x6 Where to get: eBay | Amazon
The ShengShou 6x6 is the next cube in quality after the MoYu AoShi. Its performance is really great considering it's a 6x6. Moderate speed and corner cutting, although a little bit slower on the inner layers. The Shengshou main advantage over the AoShu is the price- it is much cheaper. So if you are looking for a great but affordable 6x6, the ShengShou might be a better choice.

Overall score: 8.9
Speed: 9 ; Corner cutting: 8.5 ; Reverse cutting: 8 ; Pops resistance: 8.5 ; Lock-up resistance: 8.5 ; Corner twist resistance: 9 ; Weight: 229 gr

So, which one should I get?

In terms of performance - MoYu AoShi is clearly the best 6x6 cube on the market, and is used by most of the top 6x6 cubers today as you can see below. However, if you are looking for a great cube, but in a more affordable price – the Shengshou 6x6 will be the one for you, as it's still a great and comfy cube.

Watch the current 1:33.55s WR by Kevin Hays - with MoYu AoShi

What 6x6 cubes does the top-ranked cubers in the world use?

Single fastest 6x6 solve
Rank Name Result At the event Cube used
1 Kevin Hays 1:33.55 Indiana 2015 MoYu AoShi
2 Mattia Furlan 1:34.00 Slovenian Open 2016 MoYu AoShi
3 Feliks Zemdegs 1:38.29 Euro 2016 MoYu AoShi
4 Vladislav Shavelskiy 1:44.59 MPEI Open 2015 MoYu AoShi
5 Michał Halczuk 1:44.97 Masovian Open 2015 n/a

Fastest average 6x6 solve (3 out of 3)
Rank Name Result At the event Cube used
1 Feliks Zemdegs 1:43.21 Euro 2016 MoYu AoShi
2 Kevin Hays 1:44.83 Oregon 2016 MoYu AoShi
3 Mattia Furlan 1:47.82 Slovenian Open 2016 MoYu AoShi
4 Michał Halczuk 1:50.04 Masovian Open 2015 n/a
5 Vladislav Shavelskiy 1:50.60 CCC Spring Open 2016 MoYu AoShi

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