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The Best 4x4 Speed Cubes Review Guide

MoYu AoSu Speedcube Published: September 2016.

The 4x4 speedcubing became a very popular competition event, which many of the cubers participate in. despite its challenging mechanics, there are truly amazing 4x4 speed cubes in the market, which I'll review here.

This guide is the result of a vast research I've made, checking all popular cubes, speedcubers opinions, and world-record holders cube choices. This is relevant for both world class speedcubers and new cubers who would like to get a great cube to practice with.


Unlike the popular 3x3 cubes, and definitely the 2x2's, bigger cubes such as the 4x4 and above, are far from being perfect. The bigger the cube is, the harder it is to maintain some of its qualities such as corner-cutting, lock-ups and speed, slowing down solving pace. This situation makes these factors, especially lock-up resistance and speed the most important factors in rating a cube overall score. With that being said, dramatic improvements occurred in the big cubes recently, making them greater than ever before.

The Best 4x4 Speed Cubes Today

In the 4x4 category there is one cube that rules it all. That is the MoYu AoSu:

MoYu AoSu

MoYu AoSu Where to get: eBay | Amazon
This cube is used by most of the 4x4 speed cubers today. It was the cube used during the current world record for single fastest 4x4 solve (21.54s) by Feliks Zemdegs. This cube has an amazing speed and smooth, along with fairly good corner cutting. Its main advantage is in being very stable and avoiding lock-ups, above all others. I would say that is clearly the best 4x4 cube in the market today. As you can see below, it is used by all top cubers today.

Overall score: 9.2
Speed: 9 ; Corner cutting: 8.5 ; Reverse cutting: 8.5 ; Pops resistance: 9.5 ; Lock-up resistance: 9.5 ; Corner twist resistance: 9 ; Weight: 146 gr ; size: 62mm

YuXin 4x4

YuXin 4x4 Where to get: eBay | Amazon
This cube is almost as good as the MoYu AoSu. The YuXin 4x4 has relatively simple mechanism, yet it has an amazing speed and even better corner cutting than the MoYu AoSu. Inner layers turning speed is a little bit low (when turning 2 layers), and it takes some usage for a new cube until it gets to its best. This is really a great cube! The reason I included The YuXin 4x4 in this guide, is because it is much cheaper than the AoSu, and thinking about return on investment, that might even surpass the MoYu AoSu.

Overall score: 9.0
Speed: 9 ; Corner cutting: 8.5 ; Reverse cutting: 9 ; Pops resistance: 9 ; Lock-up resistance: 8.5 ; Corner twist resistance: 9 ; Weight: 148 gr ; size: 62mm

So, which one should I get?

As you can see in the table below, the MoYu AoSu is used by almost any top speedcuber today. So, in terms of performance – this is the best cube in the market. If you are limited on budget, or just looking for a great 4x4 in a more affordable price – I would advise going for the YuXin 4x4.

Watch the current 21.54s WR by Feliks Zemdegs - with MoYu AoSu

What 4x4 cubes does the top-ranked cubers in the world use?

Single fastest 4x4 solve
Rank Name Result At the event Cube used
1 Feliks Zemdegs 21.54 China Championship 2015 MoYu AoSu
2 Sebastian Weyer 21.97 Euro 2014 MoYu AoSu
3 Max Park 23.84 SoCal 2016 MoYu AoSu
4 Seung Hyuk Nahm 24.57 Cube Is Good 2016 MoYu mini AoSu
(2mm shorter version of the MoYu AoSu)
5 Mats Valk 24.63 Euro 2016 MoYu AoSu

Fastest average 4x4 solve (3 out of 5)
Rank Name Result At the event Cube used
1 Sebastian Weyer 26.03 German Nationals 2014 n/a
2 Feliks Zemdegs 26.22 Johannesburg 2014 MoYu AoSu
3 Seung Hyuk Nahm 27.61 Cube Is Good 2016 n/a
4 Bill Wang 27.91 US Nationals 2016 MoYu mini AoSu
5 Mats Valk 28.00 Zonhoven Open 2015 MoYu AoSu

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